Orcas Island Affordable Housing

OPAL Community Land Trust

OPAL (Of People And Land) Community Land Trust is a non-profit organization that provides permanently affordable housing for islanders. San Juan County has the highest housing affordability gap in the state, and OPAL's members are committed to maintaining economic diversity on Orcas Island. OPAL is working to maintain the character, vibrancy and diversity of the Orcas Island community by acquiring land and creating permanently affordable homes.
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Orcas Power & Light

The objective of the Orcas Power and Light Cooperative is to serve San Juan County by providing electrical utility service that is efficient, economical and adequate for our members.
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It’s no secret that island living is expensive, and the Orcas Island locals know that a growing community is a healthy community, so it’s no surprise that reliable services are available for new arrivals. Several local and San Juan Islands non-profit organizations offer affordable housing options for long-term and permanent residency, as well as professional support for new construction, acquisition, and financing. Each service works closely with Local, State, and Federal Authorities to ensure that the process is easy, comprehensive, and complete for low-income residents.