Orcas Island Contractors

Bluebird Builders, LLC

Bluebird Builders is a homebuilding company specializing is new custom homes and remodels on Orcas Island. We provide in-house services such as foundations, framing, siding, trim, custom tile, concrete, fine carpentry, and design services. With our elite crew based on Orcas Island, Bluebird Builders produces quality projects on time and on budget.
Call 360-298-4557, Orcas Island

Cascadia Homesteads

We design and build cabins and small homes, and engage in green property development. Our structures are designed to let the best natural renewable materials shine and be light on the land with minimal footprints and disturbance.
Call 360-472-0022, Orcas Island

Dalgarno Construction, Inc.

For over 30 years, Dalgarno Construction has built an excellent reputation based on high quality construction and client satisfaction. To ensure the homebuilding experience exceeds your expectations, we emphasize three important factors: Quality Craftsmanship, Attention to Detail, and Personal Customer Service. Dalgarno Construction is nationally recognized for its ability to take projects to an outstanding level of quality through the hard work and creative vision of our team.
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Design Build San Juan

Design Build San Juan saves you time and money by streamlining the design and general construction process with an in-house team: we are a licensed and bonded general contractor and cabinet dealer in Friday Harbor, WA. Our project management experience allows us to successfully navigate through the many challenges and logistics of general construction and remodel projects. Give us a call to talk about cabinetry, designing, permitting and scheduling for your Design Build Project in the San Juan Islands and beyond.
Call 360-378-6538, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Hayworth Design & Construction

We are dedicated to doing the best possible job we can for our clients. Whether doing it the "old way" or using a newer product or technology, we pay careful attention to the way everything goes together and make sure that it's as good as it can be. Whether we design it or it's designed by another architect we scrutinize every detail to ensure quality. We realize that building a house is one of the largest investments, both financially and emotionally, that you're likely to make. We want that experience "from start to finish" to be enjoyable, fulfilling and ultimately rewarding.
Call 360-376-4550

Jonathan Wolfson Contracting LLC

With over thirty five years of building experience, twenty-four years as a contractor in the harsh maritime climate of Southeast Alaska, Jonathan Wolfson offers quality craftsmanship with concern and care for a successful building process.
Call 360-376-3692, Orcas Island

McKinstry Construction Co.

Call 360-376-5367

Natural Home Builders, Inc.

We specialize in alternative, custom homes with unique designs, local and recycled materials, and innovative construction methods. OUR MOTTO: Nurturing Homes, Building Community summarizes the unseen aspects of building a home that sets us apart from other companies. "Working towards a sustainable future for Orcas and the San Juan Islands"
Call 360-622-6090

Orcas Homes

Construction, Excavation, Septic Installation, Porta Potties
Call 360-376-2400

Outland Construction

Call 360-376-2960, Orcas Island

Rainshadow Solar

Whether you're looking for complete energy independence for your home or business, or simply want to reduce your consumption of conventional power, we can help create a reliable source of safe, clean, environmentally-friendly solar energy for your specific needs.
Call 360-376-5336, Eastsound, Orcas Island

Salinas Construction

Full service construction company servicing the San Juan Islands and Oak Harbor. New Construction Homes, Home Remodels, Home Additions, Roofing, Siding, Concrete Foundations, Decking, Painting
Call 360-350-6502

Shore David Construction

Local expert in custom home building for over 30 years.
Call 360-376-3121

SoundHouse Construction LLC

Soundhouse Construction blends fine craftsmanship, innovation and technology to create healthy, safe, beautiful homes and commercial spaces that will endure. Trust Soundhouse to proudly bring the highest level of skill and care to your project. Testimonials and references are available upon request.
Call 360-376-3333

T. Wood Construction Co Inc

Built Better to Last Longer
Call 360-376-5647, Orcas Island

Terra Firma NW, LLC

Terra Firma NW has provided high quality, professional contracting services in the San Juan Islands for nearly 10 years. Our diversified in-house crew, coupled with our network of skilled craftsmen and sub-contractors allow us to address every need on your project. Whether you are building an estate quality retirement home, remodeling a summer cabin or even building a new office building, Terra Firma NW can help you complete your project in the way that best suits your needs.
Call 360-376-2853, Orcas Island

The Green Construction Company

The Green Construction Company specializes in building custom homes and renovation projects throughout the San Juan Islands. With a focus on sustainability, timeless design, environmentally friendly building practices and the highest quality workmanship available we have earned a strong reputation among our clients and industry professionals. The Green Construction Company... Impeccably Managed Construction of Homes! On Time and Under Budget!
Call 360-298-2929, Orcas Island

Timberline Construction

New construction, remodel, roofing and decks.
Call 360-376-5433, Orcas Island

White Construction & Co.

White Construction specializes in custom homes on Orcas Island in San Juan County. We occasionally build on other islands in the San Juan Island archipelago. We have been a licensed general contractor for 35 years, and have practiced in the islands for 22 years. Our specialty is craftsmanship, service, and communication. We have a strong interest in green building and LEED principles, and, wherever possible and practical, use environmentally sensitive and economically appropriate materials. Ultimately, we believe the greenest house is a house built to last. The White Construction crew, a mix of talented men and women - supervisors, journeymen carpenters, and laborers - have been with the company for an average of ten years. Together we bring to our projects over 250 years of house-building expertise.
Call 360-376-3346, Orcas Island

Wolford Construction

Call 360-376-2078, Orcas Island

Woodsong Inc

Woodsong has its own custom wood shop, with the ability to fabricate custom cabinets, built-ins, handrails, mantels and furniture. Our employees are the backbone of our company, many of them working with us for over twenty years. Their hands-on dedication to the details of each project is unsurpassed. We work closely with subcontractors that understand that quality and listening to the client comes first. We have built long-term relationships with these subs to ensure quality service for years to come.
Call 360-376-2926, Orcas Island

Each property on Orcas Island embodies at least one of the many aspects that makes Orcas a beautiful place, and nothing fits them better than lovely homes and gardens.  Enterprising families and retiring couples have been building their dream homes on Orcas for decades, and local contractors, architects, and service professionals have embraced the variety of designs and tasks that were requested from them. 

Construction and maintenance contracting are some of the oldest and most successful professions on Orcas Island and the other San Juan Islands.  A prospective builder, buyer, or planter doesn’t need to look far for the services they need. Numerous architectural styles have been requested by homeowners over the years, and construction contractors have always fulfilled each unique design that was ordered. Classic mansions and old-fashioned cottages can be found all across Orcas, sharing the area with modern residential homes and abodes constructed in popular foreign styles. 
Local architects and contractors keep tabs on the latest trends and technological developments, guaranteeing that the best materials and most efficient layouts are utilized in their work. Even the smallest properties must still be maintained; and local expertise extends beyond just new construction.